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The post about vomiting.

Our friends, David & Daina, were spending the weekend with us. They came over on Friday night & stayed until Sunday. On Saturday we slept in, ate at Elena’s Cuban Resturant for the first time. I had the chicken & yellow rice with black beans (it was very delicious) and went to the Downtown Lakeland car show. Saturday night they wanted to take us out to dinner for our birthdays, so Alex & I decided on Fish City Grill at Lakeside, because our favorite restaurant (Cafe Zuppinas) is closed on the weekends.


We’re finding parking at Lakeside when all of sudden I start sweating & I KNOW I’m about to toss my cookies.

 I adjust the air vent, swallow & focus on my breathing.

 It’s not working I’m going to have to say something or start puking in our car.

Hand on the door handle I say, oddly very calmly, “Actually, I think I might throw up, so I’m going to stand by that tree.”

 I don’t wait for a response I just get out of the car. As soon as I stand up it starts to happen.

 I manage to walk in front of the car before upchucking in the parking lot.

 A few steps I make it to the low, decorative hedges they plant between parking spaces.


I puke. On my hand.


I puke. Projectile. Chicken & yellow rice. I notice Alex running towards me & David parking the car.


I puke. It comes out my nose. I sit down on the curb, squished next to a random car.

 Alex hands me a jacket, so I can wipe off my hand, I’m shaking but feel great.

Daina & David approach. I’m laughing now, because really I feel fine.

I’m just shaking, so we stand up and we all walk towards Fish City Grill to eat dinner.




I immediately go to the bathroom to wash my mouth, hands, face and make sure I don’t have vomit splatter on my jeans.


My throat hurts.

My nose is on fire.

I’m still trembling, but I feel fine.


I sit down at our booth & make a mental note of the nearest “vomit friendly location” (the front door is closer than the bathroom) but I’m sure I won’t need it.


I feel great.


I’m incredibly thirsty and start sucking down water. We talk about what might be good on the menu. We talk about specials and appetizers and drinks. The waitress comes, David orders the “Oyster Nachos appetizer.”




I really feel fine, except I’m getting really hot.

I’m focusing on the conversation.

Sip more water.

We order our food. I get the Shrimp & grits, because everyone seems that will help settle my stomach.

I agree mainly, because I’m having trouble thinking.

 More water. I’m so f*ing thirsty.

 Oyster nachos arrive. Everybody digs in. Except me.

 I avoid looking at the nachos, but Oh God the smell.

 I tap Alex’s leg and ask for the car keys. I think I’m going to go sit in the car. I’m starting to not feel well.

Alex doesn’t like that idea & suggests just taking me home.

It’s coming.


I stand up and start to walk away. There is discussion about my meal. They’ll get it to go.


I hit the front door & it starts to happen.


I walk directly to the hedges right in front of the OUTDOOR EATING AREA and vomit.




I feel okay. Cross the street.

 And upchuck in the flowers in front of a store. It’s just water & stomach acid.




I think I’m done. I really am feeling better. We make it all the way to the back of the parking lot.

Make it to the car. Make it home successfully vomit free.

I yak one last & final time in the toilet.

Sunday I didn’t eat.

So, I guess the moral of this story is when shopping at Lakeside ALWAYS avoid any hedges, planters or greenery, because I probably puked in them.

 I also have shrimp & grits in my fridge right now.







  1. Travis Said,

    I am a fan of all of the things you ate - the shrimp and grits at FC are awesome. As are the Oyster Nachos.

    Do you think it was Elena’s? Please don’t let it be Elena’s . . .

  2. admin Said,

    We thought is was Elena’s at first, but we’re pretty confident it was a bug from Gymnastics kids.

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