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the angry birds pinata

For my nephew’s 5th Birthday dinner the theme was  Angry Birds. He gave everyone an assignment and mine was the PEE-YA-TA, also known as, pinata.

At first I was going to make an Angry Bird, but once I REALLY thought about it I realized how ridiculous that would be, so instead I decided on an Angry Birds pig.

You know the one. Round, green, annoying and egg greedy. If you’re going to hit something it should be the pig. Except hitting a Pig with a bat isn’t right. You have to sling Angry Birds at it, so….

Enter part 2 of the plan:

Paint rocks to look like Angry Birds.

Let nephew slingshot Angry Bird rocks into Pig pee-ya-ta.

Genius! I KNOW!

First thing I did was research AB pee-ya-tas and found out they sell for SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS!

Definitely making one.

Since I’m a preschool teacher, I’m pretty handy with paper mache. I’ve made pee-ya-tas before, so I was excited for another creative opportunity to hone my mad skills.

I actually made 2 pee-ya-tas. The first a disaster.

Paper mache consists of cut up newspapers, flour and water. That’s it. (You mix flour and water until you get a paste and dip strips of paper into it.)




First go round, I used 2 glass bowls and was going to seal the seams to make 1 perfect round orb, BUT the paper mache came off in chunks.


I made a quick dash to Target, bought a ball for $2 and started over.

The key to paper mache is to criss cross the newspaper and LET IT DRY!!!

Once that was done I popped the ball inside and watched it deflate. I was a little worried, because as the ball deflated the paper mache shell seemed SUPER THIN. In a frenzied act of panic I began layering again hoping beyond hopes that it wouldn’t change the unsupported shape. Fingers crossed and fervent prayers worked, because it held it’s shape and was perfectly sturdy.

Now the nose and ears. I took the soaked newspaper strips, balled them up and began forming pig ears and a nose. This was probably the most tedious of the whole process. Trying to get the ears somewhat equal and getting the heavy nose to stay long enough for it to dry.


(I actually pried off the nose and ears from the first pee-ya-ta and stuck it to the second.) 

Once everything was dry I started painting and VOILA!



I wish that I could tell you I photographed painting the rocks, but those were painted the morning of the event and I was rushing and hoping they would dry in time.


I’m pretty stoked with how they turned out!


When the time came to bust the pee-ya-ta, I was worried it would bust on the 1st throw or take Yovani Gallardo to make a dent. It took my 5 year old nephew about 15 minutes to bust it all the way, so I feel like it was a huge success all around! 

I added a few Easter Eggs inside filled with goodies like the golden eggs from the game.

The total cost to make the pee-ya-ta was LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARS. The ball was $2 and I had to buy a bag of flour, because I don’t bake. It took me approximately 45 minutes to make the whole pee-ya-ta. It’s a stretched out 45 minutes, because you have to let it dry between layers.

I’d say that’s a WIN.

  1. Jamison Said,

    Best. Aunt. EVER. !!!!!!

  2. admin Said,

    Between each layer I propped it up in front of a fan & it dried in a few hours. I did about 3 layers.

  3. Leland Bulanda Said,

    This is awesome - I love it and am going to try to copy tonight!! How long did it take for the whole thing to dry…?

  4. Rebecca Said,

    WOW… you are awesome I hope you do not mind but I am going to copy your work for my nephews 7th birthday party. Thank you tons!! :)

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