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We go.

You know what I really love about Alex?

When I say something like, “Let’s go to Paris!” He says “Okay!”

But then he makes it happen.

He does research, opens special back accounts, saves money, selects dates, does more research, we talk and make decisions and then he counters with;

“If we go to Paris, we might as well hit up London and Rome. It’s makes sense do it all at once.” 

Cut to me nodding enthusiastically.

And then we go.

We purchase tickets. We pack bags. I borrow clothes and bake cookies* (a weird tradition.)

And we go.

I love that about us.

I hope we always go.

*Cowboy cookies to be exact. Oatmeal, chocolate, coconut, nuts…they’re chocolate chip cookies older, heartier brother. Yeah, you know the one. :::winking emoji face::: Anyway, I’m not a birthday cake person, so I always ask for cookies. We tend to travel around our birthdays and there’s always leftover cookies. I tend to stuff them in my suitcase. Cut to us landing in London, exhausted and starving after an amazing 1st day sightseeing and pulling out a ziploc of homemade cookies.


So, now anytime we travel, I always make a batch and stuff them in my suitcase.

Yes, you can take them through security. I had a guard check my bag once, because hand warmers are a big NO-NO. Only to have him pull out a gallon size bag of cookies. He looked at me and said “I probably need to try one of these to make sure they’re safe to fly.” He didn’t try them, but I got to keep my hand warmers and we had a lovely discussion about cookies.


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Hey, 2014!

I stopped blogging.

Now I’m back.

No apologies. I mean it’s my blog. I’ll post when I feel like it. 

The funny thing is I’m much better at blogging about the mundane things in life. Highlights about work or what I’m currently watching on Netflix… oh, I haven’t posted about what I’m currently watching on Netflix.

Hmm…excuse me while I make a mental note.

So this is what happened, a friend basically mentioned she was thinking about starting a blog and that reminded me “hey, do I still have a blog?”

And lo and behold, here it is in all it’s glory…uh, here it is!

I looked up a few older posts

:::fast forward an hour:::

Alex and I are laughing, reading and texting highlights. To quote him “it’s like a time machine!”

Here I am with one hour to spare before the midnight nursing session.

Nursing session, you say?

Oh yeah, since the last time I posted, I had a baby.

A sweet, laid back, happy baby girl.

I also went to Europe.

London, Paris, Rome.

A quick getaway to NYC.

A cruise.

An anniversary road trip.

Turned 30 and consecutivley 31, 32 and 33. (Has it been that long?)

It makes me a little sad that I didn’t blog through all of those events, but sometimes you just gotta live them. Enjoy them while they happen.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get around to telling you about my adventures or instead maybe I’ll wait a year and tell you about what I had for dinner last Tuesday (it was probably soup.)

Either way, this me not making any promises. Or resolutions.

This is me, saying I’ll blog about what I want when I want. 

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The post about vomiting.

Our friends, David & Daina, were spending the weekend with us. They came over on Friday night & stayed until Sunday. On Saturday we slept in, ate at Elena’s Cuban Resturant for the first time. I had the chicken & yellow rice with black beans (it was very delicious) and went to the Downtown Lakeland car show. Saturday night they wanted to take us out to dinner for our birthdays, so Alex & I decided on Fish City Grill at Lakeside, because our favorite restaurant (Cafe Zuppinas) is closed on the weekends.


We’re finding parking at Lakeside when all of sudden I start sweating & I KNOW I’m about to toss my cookies.

 I adjust the air vent, swallow & focus on my breathing.

 It’s not working I’m going to have to say something or start puking in our car.

Hand on the door handle I say, oddly very calmly, “Actually, I think I might throw up, so I’m going to stand by that tree.”

 I don’t wait for a response I just get out of the car. As soon as I stand up it starts to happen.

 I manage to walk in front of the car before upchucking in the parking lot.

 A few steps I make it to the low, decorative hedges they plant between parking spaces.


I puke. On my hand.


I puke. Projectile. Chicken & yellow rice. I notice Alex running towards me & David parking the car.


I puke. It comes out my nose. I sit down on the curb, squished next to a random car.

 Alex hands me a jacket, so I can wipe off my hand, I’m shaking but feel great.

Daina & David approach. I’m laughing now, because really I feel fine.

I’m just shaking, so we stand up and we all walk towards Fish City Grill to eat dinner.




I immediately go to the bathroom to wash my mouth, hands, face and make sure I don’t have vomit splatter on my jeans.


My throat hurts.

My nose is on fire.

I’m still trembling, but I feel fine.


I sit down at our booth & make a mental note of the nearest “vomit friendly location” (the front door is closer than the bathroom) but I’m sure I won’t need it.


I feel great.


I’m incredibly thirsty and start sucking down water. We talk about what might be good on the menu. We talk about specials and appetizers and drinks. The waitress comes, David orders the “Oyster Nachos appetizer.”




I really feel fine, except I’m getting really hot.

I’m focusing on the conversation.

Sip more water.

We order our food. I get the Shrimp & grits, because everyone seems that will help settle my stomach.

I agree mainly, because I’m having trouble thinking.

 More water. I’m so f*ing thirsty.

 Oyster nachos arrive. Everybody digs in. Except me.

 I avoid looking at the nachos, but Oh God the smell.

 I tap Alex’s leg and ask for the car keys. I think I’m going to go sit in the car. I’m starting to not feel well.

Alex doesn’t like that idea & suggests just taking me home.

It’s coming.


I stand up and start to walk away. There is discussion about my meal. They’ll get it to go.


I hit the front door & it starts to happen.


I walk directly to the hedges right in front of the OUTDOOR EATING AREA and vomit.




I feel okay. Cross the street.

 And upchuck in the flowers in front of a store. It’s just water & stomach acid.




I think I’m done. I really am feeling better. We make it all the way to the back of the parking lot.

Make it to the car. Make it home successfully vomit free.

I yak one last & final time in the toilet.

Sunday I didn’t eat.

So, I guess the moral of this story is when shopping at Lakeside ALWAYS avoid any hedges, planters or greenery, because I probably puked in them.

 I also have shrimp & grits in my fridge right now.







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Pinterest Summer Challenge




Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.


The gist: Stop pinning and start doing.

The Challenge: Find something that inpsires you on Pinterest and instead of leaving it behind to get buried under pins of Ryan Gosling and crock pot recipes, ACTUALLY DO IT.


I know.


The Brains: Sherry from YoungHouseLove

 Katie B from BowerPower


Ordinarily, I would have used this as an excuse to spend WAY too much time on Pinterest and flake out for the Challenge, BUT I just happened to stumble upon this pin  moments before seeing the Summer Challenge.


Melted Crayon Canvas Art.

I’ve seen the pins with the Crayons glued to the canvas and heated until they melt, but this felt a little more sophisticated and looks like a beautiful watercolor painting. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with watercolors ever since 9th grade art class. I love how the colors blend and everything looks delicate and soft. In 9th grade I didn’t understand watercolors, I had a very specific vision and was discouraged when it turned out to be blob-ish. As a result, I’ve continued to admire watercolor prints from a far, but knowing my frustration level haven’t attempted another piece of artwork. While we’re on the topic, let your kiddos watercolor, because those guys have mad skills. I think it’s part of the “letting go” that adults tend to cling to, when they’re trying to make art meaningful.

I already had everything I needed.

I had some canvas tucked away from a sale at Michaels a few weeks ago.

Crayons, well I’m a pre-school teacher and I feel like I could produce crayons, markers, paints, pipe cleaners and just about any other random “art collage material”  on demand. Like, I could compete in tournaments.

Hair dryer. I have hair, so no explanation needed.

I threw dinner in the Crock pot, laundry in the washer, dishes in the dishwasher and gave myself a little art time. Which I love! Art makes my soul happy and I never seem to make time for it.

 Step 1: Pick your colors

Step 2: Peel the paper off the “chosen” crayons.

Step 3: Pick your hair dryer setting & start creating!

I started out using the hair dryer on HIGH with MED heat, which took about 30 seconds to start melting, but I had a little more control. This setting seemed to take forever and the crayons left a waxy, bumpy texture, which I liked.

I accidently bumped the dryer control to HIGH heat & things definitely heated up quickly! The crayon was melting in much larger portions and everything else that was already melted to the canvas started moving. I freaked slightly, but went with it. I actually liked the look of HIGH with HIGH heat. It thinned out some of the mountain-ish areas, blended with surrounding colors and made it look more like watercolors. This is definitely the splatter mode.

I didn’t take any pictures during the process, because it’s a two handed job, but I LOVE what I ended up with.


Here’s a close up:


I love the idea of adding more layers/colors/texture. I’m very happy with the finished product, but I love that I can add and change it up whenever I feel like it. This would be adorable in matching nursery colors for Baby’s room. Or a fun black and white Rorshach ink blot.


. Do this in an art approved area. There will be some splattered wax. (Which is very easy to remove on hard surfaces.)

. Very similar to watercolors. When things get heated up, you don’t have a lot of control, so let it be! :::giggle:::

. I held the crayons very close to the canvas and rotated as it melted.

. Throw away the crayon wrappers BEFORE firing up the hair dryer. Learn by mistakes.

This would be a great summer project for school age kids.  I personally would even give it a try with a 3/4 yr. old. I’d roughly chop the crayons, let them drop the pieces on the canvas randomly and help steady the blow dryer. It’s like a bigger, better version of straw blow art. I’m also used to painting/creating with 20 4 yr. olds, so I could be a bit crazy.

Still need some inspiration? Check these ladies out.

. Sherry at YoungHouseLove 

. Katie at BowerPower

. Kate at CensationalGirl

. Michelle at tenjuneblog











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The Easter Egg Hunt

Our first Easter together we’d been together 6-ish months (I can’t quite remember, because sometimes Easter is in March and sometimes it’s in April.)

I’m no stranger to leaving post its & little love notes & sweet nothings around the house.

I bought 2 dozen eggs at the Dollar Tree and filled each one with a strip of paper with “Things I like about you.*” Like “You always open the door for me.” “You can have a conversation with ANYBODY.” “Your smile.”

Then hid them all over the house. A few easy ones in plain sight, so he’d realize what was happening. And a few VERY difficult ones. I hid one in a pocket of a dress shirt, that he would never find until he decided to wear that particular shirt. I loved this for 2 reasons.

1. It drove him crazy knowing there was one egg left that he hadn’t found yet.

2. He found it weeks after the egg hunt had been forgotten & he had a sweet note.

The 2nd year we were together we were newly engaged and almost married. I used the same idea, but filled the eggs with all the different names he was to me. This one was a little sillier. For example, “Fiancee.” “My Love.” “My Boo.” “My Future Husband.” “Best Friend.” “My (future) Baby Daddy.”

Last year, Egg Hunt #3, I found out his favorite childhood Easter candy was egg shaped gum & filled each egg with a couple pieces. This was one of my personal favorites, because the look on his face when he realized there was gum in each egg and then the crazed fury to find ALL of them IMMEDIATELY. It gave me a small glimpse into our future with children…and Easter egg hunts.

I love this idea, because it cost $2 four years ago, it’s SUPER EASY and became a fun tradition. This would be a great alternative to candy for kiddos. Especially if you’re a Words of Affirmation kind of gal like I was/am.

The options are endless:

-Date night ideas

-IOU’s: “IOU double high fives” “IOU an uninterrupted episode of Star Trek.” “IOU a 30 second hug,”

-Quips: “I think you’re EGG-cellent!”"SomeBUNNY thinks you’re amazing.” “You make my heart HOPPY.”

-Glow stick eggs & a midnight hunt

-Bucket List “Road Trip” “Read Hunger Games together” “Go Fishing”

-Things you appreciate: “When you unload the dishwasher.” “Take the trash out.”

-Words of encouragement: ”You’re a wonderful provider.” “Best listener I know.”

OR if you’re feeling crazy a little bit of everything!

I’ll let you know what Easter Egg #4 ends up being!

*I had done this previously a few months into the relationship. Except with cut out stars and taped them throughout the house after he had had an especially stressful work week out of town. It never gets old. I’m always thinking of new things I like about him and who doesn’t need to hear them.

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A very different place.

Nothing like waiting until March for the first post of the year.Happy New Year 2012! My New Years resolution was to paint more. I feel I’ve yet to break my resolution, but I don’t feel I’ve adequately met it either. Hmmm… it’s a good thing I have 9 more months to really commit to my resolution.

In other news, I quit my job back in September 2011 (hallelujah!) I will always be a teacher, but I NEEDED to get out of the classroom. I loved teaching, but IT WAS TIME after 10 years. Working with children drains you on every level & you end up at a very scary place. I didn’t like the kids anymore. This is especially true when you have a co-teacher that is equally draining & unhelpful. You get tired of questions and you wish for a solid 60 seconds of silence to process anything. Tears have NO affect on you. The cynical side of you starts to take over. You find yourself in a argument with a spoiled, disrespectful 4 yr old about putting the lid on markers, because it’s part of “taking care of what you have”, when all you can think about is spanking that child and saying “Put the lid on the marker, because I’m an adult and I asked you too” through clenched teeth.

Yeah. It was time for me to move on. It’s like being a single parent to 20 children, but you have to raise each one with a different set of rules that you don’t get to make. I’m proud to say I made it 10 years.

My new job is very part time teaching gymnastics to preschoolers :::insert ironic laugh here::: Yes, I’m still working with preschoolers, but it’s different. Each class is only 45 minutes. I’m in various schools with different age groups, so I still satisfy that “teaching thirst” but I get to walk away before that “if I was your mother…” feeling starts to set in.

I quit my job. Turned 30 years old, went to NYC. Celebrated the holidays, sold Sally Mae :::sniff:::, and basically started 2012 in a very different place, although geographically I’m still in the same place.

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Then there were FOUR.

Despite having THREE. yes three sewing machines left to me. I bought a new sewing machine from amazon & before I go any further into detail…

The THREE  sewing machines that were bequeathed to me are antiques. The chance that one of the THREE sewing machines work is probable, but not likely. When I say they’re antiques, they are the size of a night stand and the sewing machine folds up and down with a flip top method. I have THREE of them.

Both of my grandmothers left me their sewing machine and the third one was an add on to one of the others. Now that I live in my own house, my mom has called and basically said


“Remember those THREE gigantic sewing machines? They’re in MY garage. What would you like me to do with them? I can bring them to you!”


Well, here’s my thing. I don’t want or need THREE sewing machines, but they are sentimental and I learned how to sew on one of these behemoths.


This is how I found myself standing in my mother’s garage scratching my head.

I mentioned keeping the one I learned to sew on and “Craig’s listing”  the other two, but after some research they were only going for about $75-$100 and being used for parts in most cases.

Cue the sad mom face.

That’s when we decided to keep them in the family. I would take one, mom would keep one and my brother and his fiancee would take the last one.

THREE sewing machine solution!

Except now I have a sewing machine that doesn’t work, so I did some research on amazon and found a little portable guy for $84.

I checked with the Husband & he said buy it (after reasonably pointing out I recently had THREE sewing machines.)

I bought it. Shipping was free & it was delivered to my house in 2 days.

2 DAYS people.

I have it right now.




Much sooner that what I anticipated.

I am unprepared to sew on it.


I have no fabric, so maybe a little more of a thought process should have happened.

Although, thumbs up to the amazon shipping guys or elfs or whatever it is that makes amazon magical.


something to sew.



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Summer Date Night

 Em- Movie, Starbucks & NYC- Alex really wanted to see the movie Thor, I really didn’t. In my defense I just didn’t know anything about it. Since we waited too long to see it at the Drive in (wink) we decided to catch it at Mugs & Movies. Tickets are $3.50 and you sit at tables instead of rows. We under estimated the allure of Mugs & Movies and arrived 5 minutes before our movie started, thinking we could grab tickets and walk in. WRONG. The line to buy tickets could compete with The Forbidden Journey ride at Universal. Amazingly enough even with our 5 minute cushion & the 15 minute line we actually made it in time to watch the previews. Thor was a GREAT movie. I’m so glad I went & it was also family friendly, albeit some violence. After the movie we jaunted over to Starbucks, used my most recent gift card to purchase a Chai Tea Latte (no H2O) and Alejohndro an Izze drink. We sidled up to a table & did some planning/brainstorming for our NYC vacation in Oct. We don’t spend a lot of time at Starbucks, so it was nice to be in a new atmosphere. We came up with some great ideas for NYC. My favorite part was that we spent about $7 dollars for the whole night.

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Summer Date Nights

To relieve a little work stress and to have something to look forward to I started Summer Date Nights. Darling and myself switch off weekends & plan a date night. There aren’t really any rules. Just have fun & be creative. A few have been:

Em: Date Night bike ride/pool party/dance party. Well riding bikes & playing in the pool were canceled due to rain. But we followed up with a dance party in our living room. Yes I did my hair and make up & put on my heels just to booty dance with my husband whilst listening to pandora. It was FREE & we laughed  A LOT & it felt good to let loose & get goofy.

Alex: Dinner at Marios (the name has been changed) AH-mazing restaurant in local lakeland. Very small & intimate. If you’re looking for a good anniversary celebration, this is your place. It’s reservation only & it’s all about the experience. Dinner was about 3 hours, but the ambiance is super romantic, the food delicious & they had a live guitarist (as opposed to the dead ones) It’s pretty expensive, but worth it for a special occasion.

Alex: The Silver Moon Drive In (wink) SO. MUCH. FUN. a) it’s super cheap. ($4 a person, $2 on Thursday nights) b) It’s shows retro movie concession stand ads. c) The movies are new releases. d) it’s .07 seconds from our house! Also, we tried but we don’t get the station in our driveway. Although there was an accident and we were stuck in traffic & were able to listen to X-Men one evening.

I’m pretty happy so far. I don’t know which one was my favorite.


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Things to talk about:

.4th of July







Just so I don’t forget. There are a lot of things to talk about. We’ll sort of start at the most recent and work our way backwards.

4th of July “2011 style” was busy with painting and not so much grilling and fireworks. However, I did grill teriyaki salmon with zucchini, squash & wild rice. We did not get to see fireworks, but that was by choice. The night we intended on going there was a horrendous thunderstorm. I had the 4th off, so I decided to use that time wisely and paint our bedroom AND kitchen : ) Talk about biting off more than you can chew. I started Sunday night cutting in on the bedroom. I spent Monday morning “hanging out” with the Lowes paint crew & by hanging out I mean impatiently waiting. My mom came over to help paint and we actually completed the kitchen. It is a lovely jewel- tone-greenish-blue color. Gorgeous. I won’t bother with a picture, because it won’t come close to the actual color. Alex helped finish off the bedroom once he arrived home from work. The bedroom is a soothing pale blueish-green color.

We were able to go to Little Gasparilla Island (LGI) for a long weekend (2 full days, 3 nights, 2 half days :::sniff:::) If it’s not a full 7 days then it’s not long enough…(that’s what she said.) It was magical. I was able to walk the beach with my super handsome husband, eat a lot of good food, sunsets, boating and most important spend time with some of my most favorite people in the world. Made it hard to leave. I needed the break from work. Needed may be an understatement. I was in dire need of mental, emotional, physical rejuvenation. I needed 7 months on the island.

Work has been a bit of work lately. I try not to be a complainer, but my darling husband has been doing quite a bit of listening. My co-workers have different work ethic than I do. Maybe I have a work ethic and they are squinting at it from where they sit. I mean I would probably be more productive/easier without dragging dead weight. A lot of work goes into being a preschool teacher. Planning daily activities for the week that meet the school criteria, implementing those activities while trying to teach something to 20 children. Hoping to God that one of the children is getting what you’re saying/acting out/singing. I LOVE. being a preschool teacher. I’m awesome at it. It’s like my special talent. BUT… after 5 years… I’m just feeling very unhappy. I wonder if there were different circumstances (a helpful teacher) if I would feel differently. I’m not just unhappy, I’m constantly frustrated, stressed, exhausted to the point that I haven’t been feeling well. I’m not a quitter, but I really wish I had another option right now. I haven’t even tipped the top of the iceberg, but this has been building for a while. I’m not quitting. I don’t feel right about it. There are too many people out there without jobs. I wish 2 of them were my co-workers.

Husband decided that to relieve some work stress I should exercise/find a hobby, so I bought a bike. It’s a Schwinn. I named her Taylor, because she’s Swift. And Taylor Swift Schwinn has a nice ring to it. I don’t ride with Husband because he’s crazy insane biker that rides 80 miles in one day. That’s like riding to China and back. The only downfall to the exercise/bike/hobby is that I bought 2 days before monsoon season.

However my book hobby has picked up. I’m currently reading Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult (it’s about amish people) and Dick Van Dykes memoir (about Dick Van Dyke.) I just finished House Rules by Jodi Picoult (it’s about a boy with Aspergers Syndrome that is accused of murder.) And next on my book list and probably the one I’m most excited about is Dreams of Joy by Lisa See (sequel to Shanghai Girls.) I’m not really a Jodi Picoult fan, but a friend loaned me Vanishing Acts & I was desperate enough to read anything and she’s really is a great writer. I refuse to read My Sisters Keeper or any sappy love stories, but so far I’ve been pleased.

My other hobby is pinterest. DO IT!!! It’s so much fun/addicting. It’s basically an online bulletin board of ideas that you create! It’s one of my favorite things to talk about.